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1. Shipping Conditions

Shipping is free for all United Kingdom.

Normally, our delivery time is 10-15 days. If you made your purchase through a campaign other than this website, through vouchers or direct purchase, shipping conditions are subject to the campaign in which you have been participating.

These conditions will not apply to the products under the brand "HAWKERS" . The products under this brand will have an extra charge of £7 due to the shipping costs.

2. Returns

In case of return, you can request a refund or an exchange for another product just for £15 related to return shipping costs and we will send a courier to pick it up at the address you specify. The consumer who places his orders online, have the same legal protections as a consumer who purchases in the traditional market, therefore all consumer product is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. In case of dissatisfaction with the product by the customer, there is a deadline of 14 days from the day in which the costumer receives the order to return it, paying only the shipping back to Spain..



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